United States History-Wiki Page Project

Over the next week you will be participating in the creation of a Wiki page—a web page that can be edited. Through careful research and thoughtful writing, you will each become “experts” on a particular aspect of a decade in United States history between 1950 and 2010. You will share that expertise in written and oral components.


1. Your Wiki page should include the following information about your topic:
-summary of your topic (e.g. provide definitions of terms or identify person)
-dates (where appropriate)
-significance within the decade as well as in United States history
-one little known “fun fact” about your topic

2. Your oral presentation will also include the above information.

3. You MUST have a bibliography! Your bibliography must appear on your Wiki page. At least ONE of your sources should be a primary source

4. You should include visuals (maps, photos, pictures, etc.) in your Wiki page. Make the page aesthetically pleasing; don’t have just text.

5. You should also include at least two links to other websites about your topic. These links should be scholarly and relevant (not Wikipedia!)

6. You will work alone on this project; one person per topic.

7. You will have class time between Thursday May 13 and Friday May 21, 2010 to work on your Wiki page.

8. Your grade will be based on 4 criteria: historical content and accuracy; multimedia (the visual aspects of your wiki); the links you provide; and your bibliography.


THURSDAY MAY 13, 2010: Choose your topic (see the attached list)

FRIDAY MAY 21, 2010: Wiki Page due by midnight.

MONDAY MAY 24 AND TUESDAY MAY 25, 2010: Oral Presentations begin; we’ll present these chronologically!

Any questions? See Mrs. Boyle!