The 1970s was a decade of increased equal opportunity for women. For as long as sexism has been a recognized, women were known to be responsible to run the household including raising the kids, being a wife, cooking, and cleaning. Women were sick and tired of being the inferior sex and wanted to work and have equal say and opportunity in society, just how men did. Sexism, originating from the first humans on the planet, was a growing problem throughout the years. Men dominated the workforce, the military, and the government. Little by little throughout the 20th century, women endlessly fought to gain equal rights. Through governmental legislation, television, jobs, and military, women increased their role in society and proved themselves to be worthy of the same treatment as men. American women today have the ability to join the military, hold high governmental positions, run companies, and do all of the jobs that men can. With the help of feminists, legislative changes, and
Ms. Magazine
Ms. Magazine
supporters, women experience equality in today's society.

Title IX Campaign

Major Breakthroughs
  • 1971-National Womens Caucus is founded
  • 1972-Title IX of Education Amendments Act-prohibits sexism in public schools
-Impacted girls athletics.
-Females participating in high school sports has increased 904% since Title IX.
-1976-The approval for women to join the workforce and the military
-1978-100,000 people march in D.C. supporting the ERA
-1970-1979-Women enrolled in college increases by 60%

Important People
  • Dolores Huerta-co-founder of United Farm Workers-helps immigrate people
  • Gloria Steinem-founder of Ms. Magazine and co-founder of National Womens Political Caucus
    Billy Jean King competing in the "Battle of the Sexes"
    Billy Jean King competing in the "Battle of the Sexes"
  • Billy Jean King-tennis player who beat Bobby Riggs in "Battle of the Sexes" match
  • Charlie's Angels girls-play roles of wise and strong women detectives
  • Women mayors -Patience Sewell Latting-Oklahoma City
    -Jane Byrne- Chicago
    -Dianne Feinstein-San Francisco

Fun Fact
  • In 1978, "A Thin Blue Line", the first at-home pregnancy tests are sold in drug stores around the country.
  • The 1970s brought about platform shoes. Heels, initially 1/4th inch increased to as tall as 4 inches.


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